Portland Summer

3:29 PM

We walked over the Burnside bridge as the sun was setting on Saturday. It was such a lovely summer night and we found ourselves in the SE Industrial area. I originally wanted to walk along the waterfront, but we ended up near the bridge, so we opted for that instead. 

Once we got over the bridge we headed to Shanghai Tunnel, an old dive bar we used to go to quite regularly. They used to sell Olly Stubbies there and that was one of my favorite beer options ever. I don't really like Olympia Beer, but when it came in a small, stubby, bottle, I loved it.

We were surrounded by tourists and people reading Yelp reviews about it on their phones. It's not the nicest bar in Portland, but I've always liked how cozy it feels. Now that they have a smoking ban in bars, you can actually breathe in there too. We sipped on whiskey and wondered if the noodles were still as good as they used to be.

We walked back over the bridge after the sun had set and I was reminded of  all the times I rode mini bikes up to Rocco's Pizza (not there anymore) with friends. We'd meet there and head up to the zoo to go Zoo Bomb.  

I remember it seemed quieter then. It felt like we owned a part of the city. I felt like I belonged. 

That was a long time ago. I still love parts of Portland. The picture above is a reminder of those parts. 

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