Holiday Cards, Done!

8:37 AM

I'm done with holiday cards! Yay!

I've sent the proofs over to the printer and hopefully I can see what they'll look like as cards soon.

So, my calendar is done and all of my holiday cards are done.

It's a really good feeling. It only took me 5 years to get this down. 

Also, for the the first time since designing holiday cards, I'm really happy with what I've made. Designing holiday specific cards has never been exciting for me, and I think it shows in my past designs. 

I don't know how I tapped into this new inspiration for these designs, but I did it. I think I approached it through not focusing on what I think should be holiday cards, but what I want to find in a holiday card. Cats, pugs, coziness and my city. Those are things that I really like and speak to me, so I went with it. 

Hopefully, others enjoy them too.

Have a great weekend, everyone :) 

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