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4:44 PM

Geranium I planted this spring.

We've had a few really nice, summery, days here in Portland so I've been in my backyard quite a bit. I've been mowing and weeding and trimming and drawing and playing with Chloe and drinking a little wine. It's been good.

As you can see, Chloe has been having a pretty great time playing fetch.

It's hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of summer. The longest day of the year. This means that the days will slowly start getting shorter and Fall, my favorite time of the year, is next up in the line of seasons. I'm already looking forward to it. I do like warm weather days, but I know the summer heat will be ramping up and I don't like hot weather. I like cozy socks and hoodies! I also really like wearing jeans. Shorts and skirts are probably my least favorite clothing article.

In other news, my calendar is in production as I type! I'm really excited about this. I really hope that they're received well. I kinda went out of my comfort zone with this project and I'm worried it might fall flat. But, if the Instagram photo I posted is any indication of whether or not people like it, I think that it will be well received. 

Today is my Monday and I've been working on a few orders and updating my Etsy shop. Last week I was feeling pretty disheartened by Etsy as well as how slow my wholesale orders have been. Well, almost immediately after I posted that post, a shop I had contacted almost a month ago e-mailed me and offered to do some consignment! The shop is called Gather and it's in Bloomington, Indiana. 

I also contacted Tender Loving Empire last week and they were interested in selling my work at a couple of their shops here, in Portland. So really good news all around. I feel like I have a little more of my confidence back!

I got three new cards listed in my shop today! You can find them here:

Well, hopefully the week will bring some new illustrations, more wholesale and consignment orders, and some more backyard time. 

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