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4:24 PM

The Crafty Wonderland Spring show is this Saturday so I've been really busy getting ready for it. The spring show isn't as intense as the winter show, so I've been working on a few other things as well.

We had to go to Ikea on Monday for a couple of things for the up coming show and while we were there I talked Nate into this book shelf system. I've been wanting to line that whole wall with book shelves since we moved in 6 years ago. It was really hard to find an affordable solution while also keeping a low profile in mind. Our house it really small and I didn't want to be running into them all the time. We put them up on Monday and I haven't had any run ins!

I'm really happy with this system. It's called the Svalnas. The furthest the widest shelf is just over 9" and this combination cost $250. There are a multitude of combinations that you can buy as well as desks and cupboards you can add.

 I can also add a couple of shelves here and there if I need to. So long as Ikea doesn't discontinue it any time soon. 
It looks so much nicer than just a large blank wall and now I have a place for my books! Win win.

I've also been working on a calendar! For the past few years people have asked me about making a calendar, but I never really had any great ideas on a theme. I thought of one in December last year, but it was way too late to make it at that point. So I started making it for 2018. It's almost done and I'm really excited to share it soon!

I also broke out some old etching plates and my etching press. I've been missing old Portland quite a bit lately so I thought I'd print some of these plates I made from 2006 - 2007. I'm not going to list them on Etsy but I might have a few on hand at Crafty Wonderland this Saturday.

If you're interested in purchasing one, and can't make it to Crafty, you can e-mail me at michelemaule@gmail.com

On top of all this I've been working on wholesale orders. I've had a really slow couple of months, so I am really, really grateful for those wholesale orders. That's one of the scary parts of working for yourself, the slow month. It's even scarier when it turns to two slow months. Hopefully, it continues to stay a bit steady for awhile. 

Okay, back to work! 

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