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Crafty Wonderland was this last Saturday and it was another great success for me. I was really worried because the weather called for 70 degrees and sunny, and I didn't think anyone would want to be inside at all. We haven't had any nice weather up until this weekend and I was sure people would be spending the day outdoors playing in the sunshine.

I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. It was a busy day and I did very well. I'm so lucky to live in a city where people are so supportive of local artists and crafters. I'm also really lucky to live in a city where Crafty exists. Cathy and Torie, the two forces behind it, do such a great job every year, twice a year!

The rest of the weekend was spent at the Oregon Human Society Pug Crawl and hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. Every year there is a themed Pug Crawl that benefits the OHS. This year the theme was Pugs on Broadway. Dream Girls was my favorite costume. There was, at one time, three pugs on the cart. The owners put peanut butter on the mics, so it looked like the dogs were singing. It won best in show, of course. 

We ended up doing two hikes yesterday. The first hike we were going to do turned out to be mostly closed due to a wash out. The Gorge had a really tough winter and a lot of trails are full of debris and landslides. So, after the section we could do ended up being really short, we headed down the road a ways and did a second leg. 

It was really hot and we were both thankful for the waterfalls and cooler sections of the hike. There were quite a bit of people out and we ended up seeing some kind of unusual things... Here they are, in order of weirdness:

1. A cat on someones shoulders.
2. A mom reading to her son, not back off the trail, but literally on the trail.
3. Someone listening to rap rather loudly on their phone. No headphones.
4. A stroller - note this is a very, very rocky trail in most places. She didn't look like she was having much fun...

Anyway, it was entertaining to say the least and we felt like we had one some sort of hiking Bingo.

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