5:21 PM

I'm posting this photo so you can see the effects of what working from home can do to a persons sense of what's okay to wear when no one is around. I happened to be washing my hands in the bathroom, before heading out to the garage to paint, when I glanced up and realized just what I was wearing. 

I am so glad that UPS, FedEx or any of my neighbors didn't come to the door today. They would have dubbed our house the weirdo house and wondered how many cats I had living with me.

Anyway, I got a new watercolor painting completed today! I'll be listing it in my Etsy shop tomorrow, hopefully. I always love spotting these weird little rock islands when we're at the Oregon coast. I imagine living in a tiny house on one or something. Not that you could really ever live on one, just how cute it would be to see a little house, maybe one on stilts, sitting on top.

I also worked on a new oil painting, one that I am not very happy with, so I will probably paint over it. That is one of the more aggregating things about painting. Spending hours at a time on something that, in the end, you really aren't happy with. 

I guess that goes along with one of the best things about painting. When you spend hours on something and it turns out really great.

Anyway, it's Thursday, hope your week is going well! 

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