Clogs, puppy, Etsy Anniversary.

11:42 AM

Clogs, clogs, clogs, puppy.
It's been raining for weeks. Not days, weeks. I take that back. We've had two kind of sunny days this past week. Regardless, I needed a little pick me up from all the grey so I bought myself some clogs on Etsy from Apricot Vintage. They were just what I needed. Cute, affordable and sent right to my door. I love getting packages in the mail, especially when they are super cute clogs.

Chloe had one of her two tests yesterday. It showed that her stomach is a bit broken. There's valve that connects your stomach and your esophagus. It keeps food from traveling back from your stomach to your esophagus. Hers doesn't do that. Food goes in, but then goes right back out, and then in again. So her esophagus gets irritated by food, and acid, causing her to regurgitate. Unfortunately, because she's an older dog, there's really nothing that can be done. She's on an antacid, so hopefully that will help with the acidity of her stomach, and hopefully, when she has another episode, it won't be as severe. 

Her second test is to determine if she has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We'll find out next week. Right now she's doing well. Snoring away, on a rainy day, on the couch. I hope she stays okay for awhile.

Buckman Art Show and Sell booth.
While all this was going on, plus the fact that I did a craft fair last weekend, I totally spaced my 10 year Etsy anniversary!! 10 freakin' years! I've never committed to anything for this long. It's changed so much since I first started selling there. Some of my favorite features no longer exist. The Front Page, waiting to make a treasury, the old forums and being seen almost immediately. It's grown a lot over the last 10 years, but I suppose I have too.

There are some great things that still exist there. The community, Etsy Wholesale and I like the new listing feature. It does make it a lot easier to list things these days. I remember when listing an item was like 5 pages. Now it's one and a lot easier to navigate. 

 In order to celebrate 10 years on Etsy, I'm going to have a big 30% off sale starting tomorrow, Saturday. It will end on Tuesday the 21st at midnight Pacific Time. This sale will also help me pay for Chloe's vet bills which are really starting to add up.

Ten years on Etsy also means that this blog is 10 years old. Crazy. If you're still reading this thing, thanks. Blogging isn't nearly as popular as it was 10 years ago because of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets. However, I still enjoy writing in this space. It beats reading a 20 page Twitter thread, I think so anyway.

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