Let's Never Forget

3:37 PM

It finally happened, folks. Trump was sworn in as the 45th president and he hasn't wasted much time getting to work. He's trying to repeal the ACA, he's going ahead with the DAPL, he's trying to defund Planned Parenthood and he's banned international abortion counseling. He's also issued a media black out at the EPA stating they cannot publish or release anything on their social media site. There is also a suspension to any new business activity there. Things seem to be happening at a break neck speed.

I'm trying to stay focused. Limiting my social media intake. I'm trying to take a step back from things I read and ask myself if it's really real. I'm also taking a step back and asking myself if he, or his team, really have the power to enforce any of these things. I hope in all my hopes that they don't. I hope with all my hopes that the senators, that work for us, hear our voices and stand up to this person and say no. 

I'm also reminding myself of the good in the world that still exists. Remembering the amazing Women's March on Portland this past Saturday. People, it really was incredible. They estimated that 30,000 people would take the streets of Portland. They were so wrong. 100,000 people showed up in the pouring, cold, January rain, including myself and Nate. We didn't have signs, we didn't have pussy hats, we just came to march and I'm so glad we did.

And it wasn't just in our city. Large cities all over the country took part in this. More than 2 million people marched!! That's really amazing and encouraging. 

For the first time in months I didn't feel so alone in my anger and sadness. I saw thousands of  people who felt just like me. People of all backgrounds were out in the streets with hilarious signs ("Free Melania") and sobering signs (a drawing of a wire hanger that read "Never Again.") I felt like I was part of something and I've been trying to hold onto that feeling ever since. 

I am not going to succumb to this fear. I am however going to stay angry and I'm going to continue to resist this administration. I hope you do too! 

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