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8:07 AM

I've mentioned that I've been making a lot of art the past few weeks. It's been really great for me to focus on something other than the news, fake news and all other media these past few weeks. I have a huge craft fair coming up next weekend, so it's felt really good to get new work made and feel productive. That first week after the election was really hard for me to focus on work. I just kept pointlessly clicking on different news links and I kept clicking from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram and on and on and on. I felt like maybe if I just kept clicking on different websites I would find and answer to how it came to voting for our current president elect. I felt like I was just waiting for a news site to come out and say that it had all been a big mistake. 

There are some days that I still kind of feel that way, but I feel like it's getting better. I've been able to turn into myself more and my work for comfort and relief. 

These are some of the pieces that I've been working on. They're all posted in my Etsy shop, except for the deer painting. That sold this morning to an acquaintance of mine in Tennessee! 

Sometimes I feel fortunate that I have this skill to turn to when I feel upset, afraid, worried and depressed. Sometimes I feel like because I have this skill I am more sensitive to the world's problems,  and to my family and friend's problems too. I take things to heart and I feel like sometimes that complicates my life. I'm often left feeling overwhelmed by many things and I think that's just one of the reasons making art is so great for my well being. Making marks is meditative for me. Deciding which colors I use is a great distraction too. Figuring out space and composition allows me to use my brain in a much more productive/positive way. I notice I sleep better on the days that I spend making art.

The future seems a bit scary right now but at least I have my work, my dog and family to be there for me.

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