Crafty Wonderland!

7:36 AM

Crafty Wonderland is this weekend! I've been really busy all week getting ready for this enormous event. It's so much work but, at the end of the weekend, it's so very worth it. 
One of my favorite things about doing this show is seeing all my vendor friends. Catching up with them and seeing, in person, what they've been making is really fun. This job can get a bit lonely sometimes, so connecting with others who do similar work is really great.

I also love seeing the customers who shop every year and make a point to come over to my booth to say hello. Some of them have been shopping this craft fair every year for the past 6 years. You see their families grow and connect with them about your new work.

It's such a great reminder on why I love being an artist. By the end of the weekend I am so exhausted, but I'm also excited about making new work and being in this community of makers and artists. 

Yesterday I did a mock set up of my booth. It helps me feel a little more confidant about the set up today. It also helps me remember everything that I need to bring. I think one of the hardest things about doing a craft fair is remembering everything that you need to have on hand. All those little things that aren't art, or work, but the tools you need to have to help put the booth together. Tape, scissors, business cards, pens, snacks, etc. etc. etc.

We had a bit of a snow day yesterday. It's mostly all ice right now and I'm really hoping most of it has melted by the time I have to load up my car and drive down to the Convention Center. I don't mind a good snow day as long as I don't have to drive in it. I was reminded of the two years I lived in Michigan while the flakes were falling. It snowed a lot there and I actually really liked it as long as I didn't have to go anywhere. They did salt and plow the roads really well there, so driving wasn't usually too bad, but I still found it slightly terrifying, even there.
The ice is supposed to melt later this morning and it looks like just plain old rain for this weekend. Good news for the big craft fair!

It was also very windy yesterday. My little humming bird friend hung around my back yard most of the day. I could hear her tweeting and I saw her hanging out on this branch quite a bit. I made sure to keep her food from freezing and gave her a little refresher mid day. She's one tough little bird. It was freezing yesterday and that wind was brutal. I hope she made it through the night. I have yet to see her this morning.

Well, if you're in Portland this weekend, please come by the Convention Center from 11-6. It's free and it's so much fun. You can meet local artists and find some really awesome gifts. And hopefully there won't be any ice! 

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