Painting, Painting, Painting

6:01 PM

I've been painting. A lot.

This portrait painting has been taking up most of all my time these days. It's big. One of the biggest paintings I've ever worked on. Certainly the biggest portrait painting I've ever worked on.

It's a lot of fun. Working in a garage with no insulation in the summer isn't really that fun, but if I get out there early enough I can somewhat beat the heat. The nice thing about the hot weather is that the paint is drying really fast so I'm able to work on it a little more.

I'm actually pretty far along on the second boy. I just haven't gotten a picture of it yet. I think the portraits are going to be the easiest part of this painting. I'm not really looking forward to painting that background... I think it's going to take me some time to get it done, but hopefully I'm really diligent and can get it done in a week or so!

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