Black Lives Matter

4:18 PM

Illustration by Phoebe Wahl

What a week it's been. There's been so much heartbreak. I feel emotionally and physically drained. I don't want to be silent about how unjust it was for those two black men to be shot by cops for a routine traffic stop. I understand that my white skin affords me the privilege of never feeling afraid of being harassed, or even killed, by cops. It also allows me privileges in many other areas of my life.

I know that I must be a comrade to the African American community and I'd like to think that I am. I also know that there are things that I can work on in my life, and thought process, to become more anti-racist.

It does feel awkward to address these issues. I don't want to feel white guilt. I don't want to feel like because of my white skin I can swoop in and help people of color fight racism. I don't want to say the wrong thing.

But I do want to open up the discussion of racism. I do want people to know that I don't believe in the #AllLivesMatter movement. I do believe that Black Lives Matter and I want it to be more than just a hashtag. I do want equality and justice for everyone. I do believe in no justice no peace.

I don't want to see people killed anymore. It seems more and more like we're at war with each other. I don't have any answers or solutions, I just wanted to add my voice to the discussion and let people know where I stand.

Thanks for reading.

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