Chloe Pupdate

1:05 PM

Well, Chloe had her surgery and teeth cleaning yesterday. She had two of her front bottom teeth removed... So I'm pretty sure her tongue is going to be hanging out even more now.

She is recovering nicely. She's really tired, which is understandable. She doesn't seem like she's in too much pain. She's been trying to jump on the furniture! This is not okay so when I can't keep my eye on her, she goes in her kennel. Which, by the way, if you ever get a dog and debate whether or not to crate train them, I really recommend it. Especially for situations like these. It keeps her from getting into too much trouble. 

We find out next week if her vet was able to get all of the cancer cells. She's cut took a large chunk of her skin off and she probably has about 30 stitches, so I'm thinking that she did. I'd post a picture of her battle wound but it's a little upsetting to look at....

Anyway, her eye seems almost all healed and I hope her gums heal quickly too. She's such a little toughie. Send her all the good healing thoughts. I bet she would appreciate them. <3 

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