Brock Turner

3:45 PM

Brock Turner, an ex-Stanford student and swimmer raped a woman and only got a 6 month jail sentence for his actions. According to the judge who sentenced him, anything longer than a 6 month jail sentence would "have a severe impact on him."

This makes me afraid, angry, disheartened, hurt and beyond sorry for the woman who was raped by him. A woman who only wanted to go out with her sister to a party. She was raped, while unconscious, and left with her clothes up over head until someone found her and took her to a hospital.

Why isn't this man being held more accountable? Because he's white. Because he's an athlete. Because he's privileged. Because today, in 2016, we still live in a rape culture.

People need to know this guys name, Brock Turner. This is what he looks like.

People should know what he did. People need to be aware that this is still happening because women shouldn't be afraid to go to a party at night. 

 I want the woman who was raped to know that there are many people out there who feel that he should get a true and just sentencing. That what she had to endure was not right and that her feelings about what happened to her are valid. 

This is her letter that she wrote to Brock Turner.

This is the letter that Brock Turner's dad wrote:

Well, Dan Turner, I'm sorry your son no longer enjoys eating pretzels but the woman that he physically raped will suffer much more damaging, psychological and emotional stress than he could ever imagine.

I'll leave you with a Bikini Kill video. It's angry and it's loud and it's really what I needed to hear today.

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