Start Over

4:25 PM

Sometimes I work on a painting for a long time only to realize that I am not happy with it. I spent a really long time on this painting and in the end I completely over worked it. I didn't like the color palette that I chose and I really wasn't happy with the background image.

I sanded it down and painted over it last week.

This is the newer version.

I am much happier with it. The colors look great and I didn't work on the face for hours on end. I feel like when it comes to painting, it should never feel laborious. If I find myself repainting something over and over again, it probably just isn't going to work. 

This second painting came really easily. I painted the face within just an hour or so and the colors feel better to me too. Some people in my inner circle were giving me so grief about painting over the first painting, but sometimes it's just necessary. 

This second one isn't close to being done, but I feel like it's getting there!

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