12:41 PM

I've been following Death Cab for Cutie for a long time. They're not a band that most of my friends would openly admit to listening to. They're very main stream and radio friendly and I feel like their target audience is mostly high school girls.

The later is probably why I like them so much. Deep down I'm still a 15 year old. 

There is just something about Ben Gibbard's lyrics that I relate to. He gets me. Maybe, deep down, Ben Gibbard is a 15 year old girl?

Regardless of his inner most workings, Death Cab's music remains some of my favorite to listen to while working, taking public transportation or doing yard work.

I haven't listened to the album Narrow Stairs since it came out in 2008. During that time I was living in Michigan with my then boyfriend, Michael. I listened to this album every day that summer. It was during this time that I was totally homesick and it was also during this time that my Etsy business really started to take off. 

I listened to this album again for the first time since then. Wow. It blows my mind how an album can just transport me back to a time. It's like time traveling. All the chords and lyrics running through my head at the same time as tons of memories. Some good, some bad, some really really sad. 

Anyway, back to the present moment. It's always good to be here but sometimes time travel is necessary. 

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