Chuck Close

7:45 AM

I love reading about other artists studio practice. What makes them work everyday? What do their studios look like? What is a typical day for them? 

It's not often you get to read about the everyday practice of an artist. I came across an interview with Chuck Close a few weeks ago and I am still thinking about it. In it he answered a lot of questions that I think about when I think about highly successful artists. 

He talks about the importance of making art. That working everyday can open doors to new possibilities for your work. He also talks about that it shouldn't matter what your studio space is like. You should just get as much work done in the space that you have and make the very best of it. He knows many artists who search for the perfect space, remodel it until it's perfect and then turn around and sell it without ever working in it. This made me feel a lot better about the dark garage I work in that's either freezing in the winter, or hotter than hell in the summer. It's not the greatest space but I can paint there!

He also talked about his daily routine which made me a bit jealous. He paints 8 hours every day with an hour for lunch. At first I felt a little guilty for not painting that much but then I realized he probably has at least 3 assistants who help him do things like laundry, grocery shopping, walking the dog and cleaning the house...

Anyway, I liked the interview and if you like peeking into a day in the life of a successful artist you might like it too. You can read the interview here:

Happy Wednesday! 

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