Art for Sale!

1:16 PM

I've stopped selling my original art on Etsy. I haven't sold many originals there in quite some time and I felt like they were just taking up valuable real estate in my Etsy shop. I thought maybe I would list some of them on my own site and see what happens. 

I'm approaching this kind of old school. I don't have an e-commerce site. I figured I'd see how well this set up goes before investing the time and money into setting one up. This way I only pay minimal paypal fees and most of the rest of the money goes directly to me. No Etsy fees, no e-commerce fees just totally independent. If you're interested in purchasing an original just contact me at and I can send over a Paypal Invoice which can be paid with a credit card.

Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. It's worth a try either way! 

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