Garden! Spring! Yay!

7:31 PM

It's officially spring in my garden. I got some lettuce starts and some snow pea starts started this past weekend. There's still a slight chance of frost tonight, so maybe I should have waited just a couple days more. I think if I just cover them tonight, they'll be okay.

I was just so excited about the prospect of eating garden lettuce and peas that I jumped right in on the first sunny warm day. The kale has been there since October and should be fairly good to eat. They say it tastes better after a good frost, and it's been through a few now. Maybe it will be gross? I'll give it a try next week when it's a little bigger.

Nice weather also means painting in the garage again. I'm almost done with a portrait painting of my friend Tony and I'm going to be starting a new one of my friend Amy soon. I've been prepping my panels this week and they should be ready to go on Friday. I was going to upload all that good stuff on my blog but I don't know how to get the pictures from my phone to my computer anymore. I used to just plug it in and it would do it for me, now that doesn't seem to work, so I've got to figure something else out!

I'll be hanging some of my animal illustrations at Miss Zumstein's on 42nd Ave this Thursday, so if you're in Portland come see them in person. Also, grab a coffee and one of her sweets too. The coffee is delicious and her sweet treats are amazing.

I'll make sure to take a photo of what that show looks like with my camera. I still know how to get the photos from that onto my computer. 

Cool! Stay tuned! I will have lots of pic to share with you shortly! 

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