Fox Print + Superb Owl Sunday

1:30 PM

New print in my Etsy shop! I thought that Mother's Day card would make such a nice print, so I made one and it's now available in my Etsy shop!

It was absolutely beautiful in Portland yesterday. I spent some time outside working in the yard and playing with Chloe. She loves the sunshine and savors every opportunity she has for a good lay about in it.

We did watch the Super Bowl too. Nate and I actually won a super bowl party at our neighborhood bar in a raffle. We don't really like football but it was still fun to invite some of our friends to the bar to watch the game and the commercials on a big screen. I wasn't even really paying attention to most of the game until the half time show, and I only really watched that because Beyonce was in it! And she's going on a world tour! What?! She's not playing Portland, unfortunately... I've already looked into it. 

Maybe one day she'll come here... Oh well :) Happy Monday, peeps. Hope it's a good week.

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