Bringing Back

11:33 AM

I really hate when my body is in pain. It's been a struggle for me to do work this week because my back has been hurting me. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and she suggested a chiropractor if it doesn't get better. I'm going to wait another week in hopes that it improves. It's so frustrating, not to mention, uncomfortable. 

Hopefully it goes away soon. I really want to get into my garage and paint. I also want to be able to take Chloe for long walks and go running again. I feel like my body is failing me. I can't do the things I like doing and it's bumming me out.  

The Hive

Anyway, I've been adding a couple of old prints back to my shop! The Hive and The Wait are back up. Not sure how long they'll stick around, but it's kind of fun reintroducing prints back into my Etsy shop!

The Wait

My Etsyversary is in a few weeks! I've been selling on Etsy for nearly 9 years. That's so crazy to me. Thinking back on how much Etsy has changed has kind of blown my mind too. I was updating tags and titles for SEO on the two prints I relisted and was amazed at how I only had two tags for them. I used to sell a lot of art on Etsy and I can't believe I only had two or three tags for my old listings. Now it's necessary to use all tags as well as use as many keywords as possible in the title. 

Anyway, look for a big sale announcement coming soon to celebrate my 9th year selling on Etsy. Hope your Monday is going well so far!

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