10:22 AM

Yesterday we got about an inch of snow. Which then turned into freezing rain. 

It's really crunchy out there. It reminds me of living in Michigan. It was white and wintry like this for nearly 6 months of the year. There were times when I really enjoyed the snow and there were a lot of times that I was over it. 

Snow in Portland is a rare site. It often just doesn't get cold enough for snow and it often turns to freezing rain. The city basically shuts down mostly because there are about 3 snow plows in the city and they don't use salt on the roads. The salt gets into our rivers and streams and hurts salmon and other wildlife.

I think I would enjoy snow days a bit more if/when Nate didn't have to go into work. The roads aren't great and I worry about him getting to and from work. Maybe one of these winters there will be a snow day that falls on his day off. I think that would be a lot of fun. We could bake cookies and go for a walk in the snow.

The ice is supposed to start melting today, so no need to worry later today or tomorrow.

Stay safe out there Portland!

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