Originals and Prints

8:16 AM

I'm thinking of discontinuing selling original illustrations in my shop and just focusing on greetings cards and prints. I would still be making originals, I just won't be listing them for sale in my Etsy shop. I think that it would help streamline my store. Of course, I would still have the originals on hand in case someone was interested in purchasing it.

When I started selling on Etsy, almost 9 years ago (!!!) I only sold originals. They sold really well for me! My buyers kept asking about prints so I slowly started making and selling them in my shop. Now I mostly sell prints of my originals and I rarely sell the real deal.

I think that by limiting the amount of originals I have for sale will help streamline my shop and make it a little more cohesive. By streamlining my items I'm hoping that it will be helpful for people shopping in my store. Less distraction, less items to sort through, less questions they may have. All good things!

We'll see how this experiment goes. I have a good feeling that it will improve my shop and my work!

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