Let's Get Out More

5:10 PM

I don't know about you, but it's really hard for me to want to leave the house on a cold rainy winter night. I would prefer to be at home, catching up on Downton Abby and snuggling with my dog.

So when my friend texted me telling me she had an extra ticket to a Blazers game and would I like to go, I had a really hard time saying yes.

Which, if you really know me, is quite hilarious. I often complain that I feel lonely and that no one ever invites me to do anything. So why is it so hard for me to jump at the chance to be spontaneous and see friends and have a really good time? Why do I look to any excuse I can find not to go?

I really don't know. Maybe I'm a creature of habit. Maybe I feel like sometimes being social really takes it out of me. Maybe I'm afraid of what might happen when really I should be more afraid of what happens if I don't.

It feels sometimes like those cartoons you'd see as a kid. The ones where the character has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They're both trying to convince he or she that they should do the good or bad thing. Except good and bad I'm debating between staying home or going out.

I decided to go. My "Yes Please Go Have Fun Voice" practically shouted at me. I started to waiver but I heard it tell me that I would regret it and that I have no excuses not to go.

Can I just say that my "Yes Please Go Have Fun Voice" was so right and that I'm so glad that I listened to her. I got to see my friends, meet some new people and the Blazers even won. It was so much fun.

So if you're like me, and it's really hard for you to say yes to going out with friends, don't hesitate when that voice yells at you. Go. It will be fun.

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