If I Had A Million Dollars or 1.3 Billion Dollars

3:58 PM

1.3 Billion Dollars! Whaaaaaaaat?! What does that even look like? What does that even mean? Could I buy a house for everyone I know? Probably. Can I buy 300 puppies and pay for them for life? Probably. Can Nate quit his job and can we buy an vacation apartment in Montmarte? Definitely.

The possibilities are infinite and so much fun to think about. A beautiful studio, traveling with Nate and Chloe all over, a really nice house or maybe four. Giving it to charities and family would also be a must.

Of course the chances of winning are so slim. You're more likely going to be voted president or hit with a meteor than win that amount of money. But dreaming about winning is free.

If you had that much money, what would you do?

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  1. I would fly to the outer space with some celebrity and buy an island the lists is endless actually. But believe me, I would be the same way happy winning 500,000 pounds jackpot in UK Thunderball.

  2. I read in one post that the chances to be born a millionaire in the USA are better than those to win Powerball. Funny isn't it? Nevertheless I tried to win online at playhugelottos review , I won 7 bucks and that wasn't actually the sum I expected.


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