Craft Fair Prep and New Art!

4:33 PM

Crafty Wonderland prep is in full swing! So much to do and such little time to do it! I made these sweet little circle banners today. They really add a little something to my craft fair table. It's funny how little details like this can really spruce up a table.

Amid the prep I managed to finally get this little abstract painting listed today. I love the colors in this piece. I picked up three new tubes of gouache weeks ago because I just loved the combination of them. I have an idea for a cool Steel Bridge painting using them. I've just gotta get through the rest of this week before I can start working on it! 

Really looking forward to making some art again. It seems this time of year it's all orders and craft fair preparation. All totally worth it.

Hope the week is going well for everyone! 

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