The Holidays Are Coming!

9:42 AM

Chloe and Nate. My little family <3
Whoa. It just came up on me with such a quickness. Thanksgiving is the week!! How did that even happen?!

And so begins the holiday season. I love this time of year, but like a lot of people, it can sometimes be kind of a difficult time of year. Growing up, my mom always made the holidays seem magical. She really went all out. It was the time of the year that she really shined. She would decorate and make cookies with us. My parents were really amazing when it came to Santa too. They would set things up so special, they really made it seem like he existed. Even when we got to be too old to "believe" in him.

Remembering all those times is bittersweet. It makes me miss my parents and what it was like to be a kid. It makes me wish that we had a better relationship with each other. It also makes me wish that we lived closer to family members. It's a happy time of year and I wish that we were closer to family to help share that.

But, we both live far away from our family and working in retail doesn't really allow you much time off this during this time of year. So we stay here in our small cozy home, just the two of us.

I try to make the best of it by creating a festive and cheery atmosphere. Lights and a tree and I even attempt to bake things! They don't always turn out well, but sometimes it makes the house smell nice! We give presents and see friends and this year we're even going to watch the tree lightening ceremony downtown with friends.

So even though this time of year is sometimes hard, I still look forward to it. Even if it is the two of us, we have each other (plus Chloe), and that in itself is really wonderful.

I hope everyone has a really wonderful week. Stay tuned for my special weekend sale coming up!

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