New! New! New!

3:54 PM

New things are happening in my Etsy shop today!


I'm really liking these two new pieces. I'll be posting a couple more different pieces tomorrow.

In other news, it's been a little over a month since I've had any ankle pain! I've been running a couple of days a week, 3 slow miles. I'm hoping my Achilles are 100% better, and that I'm out of the woods. However, I know this injury is tricky and if I'm not careful, it can come back. So I'm just going really slow right now and trying not to over do it.

If there's one thing that this injury has taught me is that patience pays off. I stopped doing any physical activity for over a month. I just stretched and did my ankle strengthening exercises. Even though I felt like I was going to loose my mind, it paid off in the end.

The other thing that I'm taking away from this experience is that cross training and stretching are so important when you're a runner. Strengthening and stretching all your major muscle groups will make you a stronger runner and you'll be less prone to injury. Lesson learned!

Fingers crossed that my ankles continue to be awesome and pain free! 

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