Art + Taylor Swift

2:15 PM

I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift today. Say what you want about pop music, but it's hard to deny that her album 1989 is super catchy. I really like it. Give it a listen. I bet you'll find at least one song that you'll like. 

I've had a busy week packing orders and making new art for my Etsy shop.

This one is one of my favorites.

This one reminds me of pictures I've seen of the Aurora Borealis.

I was inspired by a photo I took outside my airplane window when Nate and I flew into Salt Lake City in September. I thought it looked like an abstract painting and I finally got to sit down to paint it this week.

It looked so cool from above. I think that it's some kind of water... I really don't know. It didn't look like land from up in the plane. I have a few more of these pictures that I'm planning on turning into paintings. 

Hope it's been a good week for everyone! Have a good weekend! 

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