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I got two new books a couple of weeks ago. I've been re-reading a lot of books that I already own and I had a good sales month last month, so I treated myself to two new books.

I finished Station Eleven a few days ago and it's one of my favorite books. It's about a flu pandemic that wipes out civilization as we know it. I love apocalyptic stories. The Dog Stars is also one of my favorites and it also deals with a flu pandemic. Station Eleven has several story lines but all of them are somehow connected by either a large thread, or a small one. The writing was so good and the story line was detailed and so thoughtful.

I'm currently reading M Train and I am really enjoying it. I loved Smith's Just Kids and it's one of my favorite books. So far this book has been recalling Patti Smith's adventures with her husband, memories of her father and kind of what she does day to day. She drinks a lot of coffee and it makes me want to drink a lot of coffee. My heart says do it do it. My brain says are you crazy? You'll be up all night.

Anyway, any book that deals with flu pandemics, the end of civilization,  New York City, art and drinking lots of coffee is right up my ally, and these two books do not disappoint! 

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