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1:13 PM

I've been dreaming about having my own amazing studio space for the past week. If there were any a time for me to dream big, this is the time. 

I had a studio space that I shared with a number of other artists a few years ago. It was great. There were a few drawbacks but being able to get out of the house, make a mess, and leave were all great things. I really enjoy working from home but I do get lonely and sometimes I feel like I really need to get out more. I get a little stir crazy. I can always go to a coffee shop to get some work done, but have you ever really worked in a coffee shop? It's busy, loud and can be really distracting.

art by Carye Bye

I'm not totally sure that I can afford a studio space right now. Especially with the current rent situation for both apartments and work spaces. It's getting ridiculous in Portland. I read an article by Portland artist Carye Bye this morning that really hit home for me. It's in this weeks Willamette Week and in it she discusses how although she loves Portland and it's been her home now for 15 years, she simply can't afford to be a working artist here anymore. Her rents have gone up by 60% for both her home and her studio space. 

I know, I know. It's the same old story. Artists move in and a few years later they're forced to move out because banks, high end condos and Lululemons are needed more. (I'll be honest, I do love me some Lululemon.)

Supply and demand, supply and demand. Build more, build more, build more buildings that half of the people who live in this city can't really afford. It's a heated debate on both sides. All I know is the city that I came to love is looking a lot more like California every day and sometimes it really bums me out. And please don't tell me it's still affordable than most major cities. It doesn't make the rising rents and the forcing out of artists, and other low income people, any less hurtful. 

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  1. Hello Michelle,
    I (we; all of punk artist pdx community) couldn't agree more and are in the same boat. I have the good fortune to be in a still affordable apt, because my landlords are kind and I've lived here nine years. But I literally can't ever afford to move! I now dream of five wooded acres around Scappoose.. sigh. I do wish you a brighter more encouraging studio however. Good work environments make all the difference, but your creativity seems to thrive regardless! I love your work, it's an inspiration. best of luck (to us all)..


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