2:21 PM

I think one of the questions and issues that I most struggle with is finding inspiration and creativity. It's not really something that you can turn on and off. Some days it comes pretty easy. Some days it's really hard to find. Today it's been rather difficult to find, for myself.

A few weeks ago I was watching our local news and they were interviewing a guy who was speaking at a creativity summit here in Portland. I wish I could remember his name! Anyway, the newscaster asked what was a way that he found inspiration or creativity. The guy said that this is is most asked question and that it was the main focus of his talk at the conference. He also said that in order to address a creative problem you have to first address what it is specifically you wish to express to solve it. For example, say you're trying to name your baby. Every name you hear or think of is a possible solution to your problem. Every interaction you have is a possible answer as well. The same goes for being creative. His solution is to go out into the world with your issue, look at everything, take everything in and see if it meets your creative solution. 

I think that this is a great way to approach creative dilemmas. I don't feel like it's the only way to find inspiration, there are numerous ways to do this. I just thought this was a great way to handle it, a new perspective on it. 

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