Baby Goats! Oh My!

12:21 PM

I finished up these two cuties on Saturday. I'll be making some prints and a new card design with them. I think they're pretty cute!

I'm hoping to have prints of them by the end of the week!

I'm also slowly adding some new versions of some of my prints to my Etsy shop. These are giclee prints printed on canvas and stretched on stretcher bars.

They came out really nicely!

I'm not quite sure how many of these I'm going to make just yet. I think it depends on how well they sell. I feel like my Etsy shop has been in need of a somewhat new kind of product and I think this is a good direction. I think one of the most important things about running an Etsy shop, or any kind of business, is keeping things fresh with new products and designs. 

So, hopefully these sell really well and people really like them!

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